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04 Apr 2022 , By Cupid knot

5 Effective ways to Resolve Problems in a Married Life

So you have found your perfect match. Now planning to tie the sacred knot or maybe you’ve already tied it. But, is marriage only about the sunshine and rainbows? No!

There will also be rainy days. Days when you would want to run away from your significant other. 

Problems are eminent in life. And also in marriages. While no married couple ever said, “We promised a forever full of bliss and love and we delivered,” every happy couple said, “ It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was one of the toughest decisions we ever took. There were days we fought like mad, had arguments, and didn’t talk. But throughout everything, we never let go of each other and we made it.” 

You see? Hold hands tight, be supportive and you would sail through happily. 

Whether you have found your life partner through traditional matchmaking or it was a love marriage, you need to understand that there is no “hassle-free marriage life.” That is to say, marriage like every other relationship needs effort. When the marriage becomes complacent problems arise. Most of the time the problems that arise in a marriage are addressable and can be resolved simply through easy ways. 

That said, here are five effective ways to resolve problems in your marriage. 


You must have heard, “Communication is the key.” Even if you haven’t it’s time you realise this truth. 

To have a successful marriage life, you are supposed to communicate, communicate, and communicate a lot. Don’t you ever underestimate this powerful tool. There is hardly anything that a conversation cannot resolve. If you can’t have a clear, hearty conversation with your spouse, you got a lot to work on. 

 Communication helps you get a better perspective of things and let go of misunderstandings that are the root of the clash. Therefore, talk, talk and talk a lot to each other. 

Stop burdening the relationship with expectations

“Expectations hurt,” must have heard of this, haven’t you? This is a hard truth. Expectations hurt not only you but also the person you’re expecting from, i.e, your spouse. 

Isn’t it the very nature of us humans to expect from people we love? Yes, it is! But you have to be a little mindful here. Before you build expectations, remember that they are very much humans like you and might at times fail to stand up to your fantasies. 

One thing that can help is you revise your grounds and let go of unnecessary expectations that are absolutely inessential. Besides, never burden your partner with the responsibility to make you happy. It’s your sole responsibility. Your partner can only enhance or amplify it.

Take help if need be

Visit a professional to help you with marriage. Don’t wait till you see a dead end in your marriage. Every small problem when not resolved bursts when things get out of control.

Seeking help from advisors isn’t bad. It’s healthy and must be regarded as normal.

Don’t keep silent till it bubbles up

When anything about your partner affects you, irritates you, or makes you sad, you need to tell your partner. Don’t let small things bubble up. Because problems don't resolve when you end up bursting like a bomb. So, never take this act of communicating how you feel negligently.

Say what you mean

Your partner isn’t a sorcerer. The sooner you realize this, the better it is for both of you as a couple. 

Most of the grievances stem from the very fact that your partner doesn’t understand you. Well, if they don’t make them understand. Put in efforts. Tell them why doing things a certain way is important for you. There is nothing that talking upfront, clearly cannot resolve.

All that said, we cannot firmly articulate that following the mentioned steps would resolve all your married life issues in a go. But when consciously taken care of, they would lead you to a happy married life. However, we also recommend you to visit a relationship professional in case the matter seems worse.


Till next time,
Have a happy married life!