Wondering if She’s Into You? Look for These 13 Signs

02 Apr 2022 , By Cupidknot

Both of you have known each other for a while now. You spend a lot of time every day either chatting or talking to her over the phone. You’ve also been hanging out together for the last few days. But doesn’t that mean she’s into you? Maybe. Maybe not. 

Argh! It’s so confusing, isn’t it? You make so much effort but never know if she sees you the way you look at her. Well, don’t you worry. We have some guidance for you and all other confused males questioning if their dream girls are into them. 

Though reading a woman’s mind is a tough game, you can still find some clues by observing her thoroughly. 

So, let’s put on the detective’s hat and look for the clues. 

Her friends and family know about you

This is the first sign you should look for. If a girl’s interested in you, she’s not shy or hesitant to speak about you in front of her friends and family. Remember, women tell everything to their girlfriends. 

She won’t hesitate to receive your phone call in front of her friends. In fact, she would pick up the phone with her friends when you call. She will share the date plans with you in her group. Another big sign is she’s inviting you to meet her friends. 

She makes an effort to keep the conversation going

Whether it’s in person, over text or a phone call, a girl who’s into you makes a clear effort to engage in your conversation wholeheartedly. She won’t reply with one-word texts or just nod her head while you speak. She’ll ask questions and add inputs to prolong the conversation. 

She leaves no chance to compliment you 

The girl interested in you compliments you for your good deeds or often does things just to make you smile.

She reschedules a date she can’t make 

A girl who’s into you will want to see you again. She will be rescheduling the planned meeting that overlaps her girl’s night. While if she doesn’t like you she will do everything under the sky to make you think she’s busy and cannot be bothered. 

She remembers things you share with her

Does she show you that she not only pays attention to what you share but also remembers it? She’s for sure into you. 

She would make little inside jokes with you based on things you’ve told her. She will even remember the small things because everything about you is intriguing to her. Furthermore, she’s mindful of what you’re going through. 

She’s nervous around you

At first, it may seem she’s uninterested but she could just be nervous. Things like touching her face, playing with her hair, looking down, and fumbling with her hands show that she’s nervous. Whether she’s talking too much or not at all, do your best to put her mind at ease by making her feel comfortable around you. 

Her body language is inviting

You can tell is she’s into you observing the way she positions herself. She’ll turn her entire body towards you when you’re speaking. She’ll touch you every time she gets a chance or be in your general vicinity. Furthermore, she won’t pull away when you move closer. 

Be careful, though, as you don’t want to overdo this. That will make you look like a creep. And we all know nobody likes a creep. 

You catch her staring at you on multiple occasions

If she’s into you, you’ll catch her glancing over at you when she assumes you don’t notice. If you catch her looking at you and she quickly turns her eyes away, she might be into you but shy about it. If she’s attracted to you she’ll keep looking at you consciously or subconsciously.

She makes time for you

Is she taking time out of her busy schedule just to talk to you or go over lunch or dinner> She’s for sure into you. A sign that a girl likes you is when she makes herself available to you regularly, whether it is in person, on a phone call or sending you a sweet text.

She tries to let you know she’s single

Whether it’s talking about how she can’t find the right guy, or giving you details about her excruciating 3rd wheel experience, she’ll let you know just how single she is. Use this to figure out if she’s actually interested in you. If she mentions needing a date to an event or someone to accompany her to dinner so she’s not alone, offer to go! Chances are, she’s waiting for you to take the hint. 

She copies your movements and gestures 

As per relationship experts, this is a sure sign of attraction. Experts say this is a sure sign of attraction. For example, if she smirks like you do, or uses that one word you use often, she’s most likely interested. Imitation is a form of flattery! 

She opens up to you and encourages you to do the same

A girl who’s into you will open up to you telling you details of her life that not everyone knows. Also, she would ask you questions about yourself, and your life. This shows she’s interested in you and wants to know your past and present life. 

You’re starting to see her dorky side

If she’s comfortable around you, she will let you see her silly side. She will let herself act silly and goofy around you. If this is happening, you would want to make her more comfortable by doing the same. Allowing her to feel accepted can increase your chances of scoring another date. 

These are the signs you should look for if you’re unsure about her feelings for you. However, we recommend you not to purposely try to find them. That way you would be forcing things which would result in bad things.

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